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Our Team

Prithibi'r Diary (Earth's Diary)
A Bengali monthly paper on nature and the environment.


Genesis: This paper was started in 1999 by Anish Gupta, Malabi Gupta and Aminur Rahaman.

The initiative was prompted by the realisation that students in the suburban areas of West Bengal, studying in Bengali-medium schools, did not have enough access to information about nature and the environment.

Thus, this monthly publication in Bengali hoped to take to children stories about the environment we live in and various issues like global warming, dwindling forests, wildlife, cultural diversity, and the ever new findings concerning them.

Achievements: This initiative has been highlighted and appreciated in newspaper articles (The Telegraph, Ananda Bazar Patrika, The Statesman etc) 


 Provide information about nature, natural history, science, discoveries, peoples and cultures, and the state of the environment

 Create awareness about the factors affecting our habitat

 Bridge the gap between urban and sub-urban/district students in terms of access to such information

Resources available
Our expertise/core competency is in the following areas:

 Collection and compilation of information on nature and society from various quality sources

 Repository of information pertaining to our environment


With the paper stepping into its 15th year of publication, it was decided to put it on the Internet. So, it now has a website as well.

Besides having each month’s e-paper, the website will also feature frequent updates of nature, environment, and science stories from across the world.

And all that will come in Bengali—a language spoken by about 250 million people worldwide.

There will also be attractive pictures—each speaking more than a thousand words—to add to the learning experience.

Contact Information
Prithibir Diary
Malabi Gupta & Anish Gupta
CL 255, Sector II, Salt Lake
Kolkata, West Bengal 700091
Phone: (033)2358 5694/91-9433046695